DotA (Defense of the Ancients) is a team versus team (each team can have 5 members at most) mod for the RTS game Warcraft III. Dota-League was one of the most popular DotA platforms in Europe for 6 years, until it was shut down in November 2011. Besides serving normal players, it also hosted a number of DotA tournaments. In this trace,  information such as: the identifiers of the players, the start and end times of matches, the match results, and friendship between players is included.

Download trace

GTA-T2 [81MB]


Alexandru Iosup, the PDS group, TU Delft. (contact)

Siqi Shen, the PDS group, TU Delft. (contact)

Copyright note

The trace GTA-T2 was collected by the PDS group, TU Delft. To use this trace, you must include an acknowledgment to the source of the data in any published material that refers to the data. Please also consider referring to the Game Trace Archive.


Research work using this trace

1. Y. Guo, S. Shen, O.W. Visser, and A. Iosup, An Analysis of Online Match-Based Games.  The 5th International Workshop on Massively Multiuser Virtual Environments (MMVE 2012).

2. Y. Guo and A. Iosup, The Game Trace Archive. The 11th Annual Workshop on Network and Systems Support for Games (NetGames 2012).

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