Online Go Server (OGS) is a turn-based server, in which Go players do not need to be online at the same time: the server will show the last move to the opponent when he logs in to the server again. The moves of each match and detailed information (rating, last visit time, registration time, etc.) of players are recorded in this trace. 

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GTA-T8 [755MB]


Alexandru Iosup, the PDS group, TU Delft. (contact)

Copyright note

The trace GTA-T8 was collected by the PDS group, TU Delft. To use this trace, you must include an acknowledgment to the source of the data in any published material that refers to the data. Please also consider referring to the Game Trace Archive.


1. Y. Guo and A. Iosup, The Game Trace Archive. The 11th Annual Workshop on Network and Systems Support for Games (NetGames 2012).

Research work using this trace

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